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Create a Building Analytics Platform/database using Azure to collect, store, analyse, and visualize data from various building sensors and systems. The goal is to provide our clients with building dashboards that show actionable insights into their building's performance and efficiency.

Recommendations on the best and most secure way to communicate with Niagara 4 based Building Automation platforms (MQTT, APIs, etc) and which will allow for easier data mapping for future buildings etc.


- Set up a Microsoft Azure IoT Hub to securely connect and manage IoT devices/sensors.

- Configure device connection and authentication methods.

- Design and implement a robust database schema to store sensor data efficiently. The adoption of Haystack 4 tagging would be beneficial.

- Establish data retention policies and archiving mechanisms.

- Develop scripts or applications to ingest data from IoT devices into the Azure IoT Hub.

- Ensure data integrity, scalability, and real-time or near-real-time data processing.

- Implement data processing pipelines to transform and clean incoming data.

- Develop analytics modules to extract insights, detect anomalies, and calculate performance metrics.

- Create a web-based dashboard or reporting interface to visualize building analytics data.

- Provide customizable reports and visualizations for clients.

- Implement robust security measures to protect data in transit and at rest or recommend potential security measures.

- Optimize the solution for scalability to handle a large number of devices and data points.


- A fully functional Azure IoT Hub and database setup.

- Data ingestion and processing scripts or applications.

- Building Analytics Platform with a user-friendly dashboard.

- Documentation on system architecture and maintenance procedures.

- Training materials and sessions for our team on platform usage.

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