python programming artificial intelligence

python programming artificial intelligence

Create a python application, plotting datasets (comparing), word cloud, twitter streaming api,

scatter graphs comparing months, clustering algorithm, k means, finding facts and statistics

on road traffic accidents, use SPARQL ENGINE + RDF FRAMEWORK Highlighting the map with numbers

and percentages, predicting liklihood algorithms. Study the requirements and build me an application

that is connected to a database and you can retrieve queries from that database

which updates the contents of the application.

AI-Powered Medical Assistants

The tradition of ELIZA, the first bot that mimicked a Rogerian therapist, is proudly continued by modern-day conversational interfaces. Some help you book appointments, others remind you to take your pills or assist you in refilling your prescriptions. Here are a few examples of what they can do:

Florence — this chatbot nurse tells you to take your medicine, gives you instructions if you forgot to take a pill, monitors your health (and periods for women) and can help you find specialists and book appointments in your area.

Your. MD — it replaces the assistant of a GP, asks about symptoms and puts enough questions approved by health professionals to identify a condition probabilistically then sets up appointments, referring you to physicians.

Safedrugbot — this messaging app helps doctors take notice of possible side effects of drugs during breastfeeding and helps to keep mothers safe.

Babylon Health — another conversational healthcare assistant with the feature of booking a doctor.

SimSensei — still in its experimental phase, it uses voice and face recognition to mimic a therapist, also interacting with the patient at deeper levels.

Best Uses for Healthcare Chatbots

The chatbots previously mentioned are just a handful of examples. The applications are endless, but for now, due to limited capabilities of AI, it is best to restrict use to those actions which are safe to be performed by an entity that is still learning. Imagine your healthcare chatbot as an intelligent, good-natured and willing to learn intern.

Currently, the safest ways to use medical chatbots include: scheduling doctor appointments based on the severity of the symptoms, monitoring the health status and notifying a human nurse immediately if the parameters are out of control, helping homecare assistants stay informed about patients’ evolution. This is, in fact, replacing the work of customer service representatives.

These intelligent assistants can also take care of billing, inventory, and insurance claims management, as the healthcare software development company Itransition describes.

Other functionalities that are still under testing include chronical illness management like that of Type 2 Diabetes and mental health managem

How do They Work?

The functioning of chatbots is based on at least four different structures.

Such regulations were designed for static software, but a chatbot is much more than that, as it can learn and make new connections thanks to AI. Therefore, knowledge base management rules should be designed to ensure new information derived from the interaction is still compliant with ethical medical practices.

A bot should only be allowed on the market after its initial data has been fully verified by competent medical personnel. Data retrieved from existing drug prospects, FAQ sections,

Doctor-chatbot Relationship

A Healthcare Revolution?

Chatbots are expected to be a revolution in different verticals, including insurance, banking, and retail. No doubt, the medical sector can benefit from the same cost savings related to customer care, but extra attention should be given to the functionalities that are automated. A simple mistake in this area can be life-threatening. Therefore, it is best to keep giving them simple tasks, to save precious time for the doctors and to ensure accuracy of the billing.


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