3 web pages with minimal work - 28/04/2018 19:22 EDT

PRIOR TO BIDDING, please read AT MINIMUM. There will be 3 web pages with minimal work. Each page will have ONLY 1 or 2 entry fields with a submit NO DB work. This is really an academic style site verse a professional, so bid as such.

Project Details:

The technology used can be Java or NodeJS. The front-end can be HTML, AngularJS, Angular 6, or React. The software that you write must contain very good comments that describe what each significant piece of code is intended to accomplish. For each of the 3 task below, you must submit screenshots that demonstrate your programs are running. All code and screenshots of running GUI must be provided.

Task 1 (web page 1)

Web page should display:

• Text field which allows text data

• Radio button with 2 options:

o MD5 (is preselected)

o SHA-1

• A submit button

When the submit button is pressed a request is made to the controller. The controller will compute the MD5 or SHA-1 hash of the text.

The value sent back to the browser should display two additional labels:

• hexadecimal text (ie: 8B1A9953C4611296A827ABF8C47804D7)

• base 64 notation (ie: ixqZU8RhEpaoJ6v4xHgE1w==)

Be sure to provide a user friendly and attractive user interface.

Task 2 (web page 2)

Create a useful calculator app. The web page will have two text fields (x and y). These fields will allow the user to enter numbers. There will be 1 label for the return value and 6 buttons. The 6 buttons will act as a submit and call the controller. 1 button for each method in the controller, which will return and display the value. The six functions/buttons will be:

• Add

• Multiply

• Op, an operation to determine values in the two fields are relatively prime

• Mod

• A modular inverse (x-1 mod y)

• Raise x to the power of y

** Validation should be used to insure only numbers are used or is any errors occur on the server, they should be displayed in the GUI.

Be sure to provide a user friendly and attractive user interface.

Task 3 (web page 3)

This web page only needs 1 text entry field, 1 label for the results, and 1 submit button. A user enters text in the text entry field and hits the submit button. The controller will determine, if the value entered by the user is a palindrome. A string is a palindrome when:

• If it is empty

• Has a single character

• Reads the same when reading from left to right or from right to left.

** When evaluating a palindrome; whitespace, numbers, and punctuation should NOT be considered. For example, "Madam I'm Adam" is a palindrome.

For task #3, Android emulator from Google or Apple phone emulator must be used verse the browser. Use the browser on the simulator to visit this web application. Produce a screen shot showing the simulator working on your web application.

Квалификация: Angular.js, HTML5, Java, Javascript, NoSQL Couch & Mongo

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