"I Want a Doll" Music Video/Animation Production Project -- 2

Dear Music-Video/Animation Producer,

The "I Want a Doll" Music Video/Animation project is a unique opportunity. I have had to repost the opportunity to be clear it pays only a royalty-split agreement upon completion. This arrangement provides "skin in the game" for both parties. ("Sealed" bids added this time.)

Before the ad went live, I opted for a recruiter, but Freelance returned my fee because recruiters aren't allowed to work where "commissions" are involved.

I put $10,000 down for a budget because "I Want a Doll" could pay out far more than $10k if it is streamed worldwide during the coming holidays (yearly after that.)

See the type of money our market has been paying here:

[login to view URL]

Because you will own part of the copyright to the song, being paid a royalty as if you were one of the song's writers, you might make a lot of money.

I have had 17 bids so far because no one understands what "contingency" means. Payment for the project is contingent on streaming success. Sometimes lawyers accept a case on a contingency, where they don't get paid unless their client wins. That's what this "unique" opportunity is. You are working for a royalty split which is only worth something if we are being widely streamed in the future.

Your video will pay some royalties from being streamed but will probably drop down in time, where the song's streams will probably grow. Using the video will help the song to be heard, although if you do it right, the video might be widely popular and even go viral. I have a great concept for the scene, which should be like a clip from a musical.

This project is one to do if it is important to you. If you are having trouble finding a place to apply your talents and believe the world needs "I Want a Doll," you can try this. It might pay beyond your wildest dreams.

Your assignment as a payee for a writer's royalty to "I Want a Doll" is my trade for your work. Besides streaming royalties (music's number one source of income,) your royalty right would entitle you to a royalty payment for remakes of the song and its use in movies or on TV. A part of any writer's due royalty would come to you forever.

Right now, I am making a few dollars from the streaming of last year's release of "I Want a Doll." We were late with the release, but this year should be different. Last year I contracted through Fiverr for an animated video, and the vendor was a fraud. I collected a charge-back but unfortunately didn't have a video with which to work.

Important: before expressing interest, the candidate should first listen to the recording of "I Want a Doll." Hear the concerned song at this link:

[login to view URL]

After listening, if you believe this is a good recording to popularize, research the Soaring Music Publications website. If you are still interested, please get in touch with us.

Your heart must sincerely be in the work you produce where "I Want a Doll" is concerned. I will thoroughly quiz any interested candidate to determine the applicant's level of sincerity before agreeing to a partnership.

This project is not one I expect to be completed quickly. It is going to take a lot of our going back-and-forth. You can expect some difficult problems that I look forward to overcoming.

Our income depends on us coming up with an undeniable success. The production should be done sometime in September.

We hope to find an enthusiastic, believing producer to split our royalty with, one with a burning desire to do a quality job, so our project has a reasonable chance for success.

I like the idea of a live-action video but will consider animation if the quality is extreme.

Candidates should possess a history of music-video/animation production.

Best regards. Sincerely,

Greg Nathan


Soaring Music Publications

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