Looking for a Motion Graphic Designer with Mad Skills - Reel to Understand Capabilities

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I am seeking a skilled Motion Graphic designer with MAD creativity and software manipulation. Preferably top 5% of best designers on Freelancer. If you believe you are good but not in the top 5% - feel free to reach out.

Being a marketer, one learns all kinds of trades. I am NOT looking for marketing specialists, no Google ads warriors - guys, I don't want to waste your time on proposals. It also wastes your credits.

Stories with movements and creativity help companies grow. Consistency makes businesses fly. A lack of English is the slightest problem at this stage, but communication is important.

Key skills that are essential for the type of person who would be good for this project. (ChatGPT helped me to write this quickly, but I still adjusted for the requirements that we need.)

1. **Design Fundamentals**: Understanding of basic design principles, color theory, typography, composition, and the use of space. A good sense of aesthetics is key to creating appealing motion graphics.

2. **Creativity**: The ability to generate original ideas, concepts, and designs. This involves thinking outside the box and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in motion graphics.

3. **Storyboarding**: Before the actual work begins, a motion graphic designer should be able to storyboard their ideas to ensure the narrative is compelling and visually understandable.

4. **3D Design**: Knowledge of 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and texturing can be essential, depending on the project's specifics.

5. **Proficiency in Software**: Mastery of motion graphics software like Adobe After Effects is necessary. Knowledge of related Adobe Creative Suite programs like Illustrator and Photoshop is essential.

6. **Animation Skills**: Understanding the principles of animation, such as timing, spacing, easing, and overlap, is key. This is where concepts like anticipation, squash, and stretch, and follow-through come into play.

7. **Visual Effects (VFX)**: Skills in compositing and visual effects can be beneficial for adding extra polish and impact to motion graphics. This could involve everything from simple color corrections to complex particle effects.

8. **Attention to Detail**: The ability to scrutinize work meticulously, ensuring every frame is perfect, every effect is polished, and every motion is smooth.

9. **Communication and Collaboration**: This involves articulating your ideas to teammates or clients, accepting feedback graciously, and working collaboratively to achieve the best result.

10. **Time Management**: The ability to manage projects and meet deadlines is crucial in this field. This includes understanding how to break larger projects into manageable tasks.

11. **Adaptability**: As tools and techniques in motion graphics are constantly evolving, an ability to learn and adapt to new software and trends is essential.

12. Understanding of music theory and sound effects. There are no reels or videos without sound setting the atmosphere.

These skills create a strong foundation for anyone looking to make a mark in the motion graphics industry.

Freelancer profiles must have top examples. Behance links help too.

I am looking to see only one reel with the price of $30-50, but the project will be monthly. From part-time to full-time.

Thank you!

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