Music/Text Pair Project

Project Details:

Native speakers who can listen to audio and write the text.

Task details :

There are 30 songs with 6 captions each to be rated. Associate has to listen to the song to get an impression of it.

Read the text and assign one of the four labels:

[Good] good description is factual, specific, and well-formulated. If the description is almost entirely correct and one detail is wrong, it is still considered good.

[Mediocre] The description is between good and bad. For example, something important may be missing, parts may be incorrect, or it is not specific to the song.

[Bad] This is a poor description. For example, because it is inaccurate, too short, or not even about the song ("The band's music is ...")

[Can't tell] Use this as rarely as possible. For example, if you can't identify an instrument or the audio is unavailable.

Rating Examples:

[Good]m Dick Dale's "Miserlou" and the description

"The song is a surf rock instrumental. It has a fast tempo, and it is built around a simple, prominent guitar riff"

are a good match. Everything in the description matches the song, the caption is specific to the song, and it is well-formulated English.

[Bad] Dick Dale's "Miserlou" and the description

"The pop song has a strong, driving rhythm, a simple chord progression and a vocal melody that is both sweet and slightly melancholy"

would need to be labeled wrong, because the genre is off, the vocals are not melancholic, and the other points are also debatable.

[Mediocre] Drake's "Wants and Needs" is partly correctly described

"The hip hop song has a slow, relaxed mood. The song is backed by a simple piano and a mid-tempo drum beat. The singer's voice is smooth and laid-back"

because the song is a hip hop song and slow, but it is not backed by a piano and not relaxed (in my subjective opinion).


- Quality Expectation - >95%

- Budget - $10 per hour

Interface of the tool:

- Numbers/annotation will be actively tracked

- Total time spent on the tool will be captured


- Tech Mahindra NDA Signed (This will be issued later in the project)

- Passed Initial annotation Review

Навыки: Музыка, Аудио-услуги, Звукопроизводство, Звуковой дизайн, Озвучивание

О клиенте:
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