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Complete website required for new concept

Hi there,

We are after the creation of a website for a new business concept. The back end of the website will be quite similar to that of a dating site, as it will be database driven through information that has been input by the end users. These users will need to be able to Join, and once they have entered their info be given an ID and password. The database will need to have full Audit Trail capabilities so we can go through and check what all users have done and when they did it.

Another way it will be similar to a dating site is the way payments are to be taken. Once a new user has entered their information, they will also need to enter payment information – which will most likely be kept to Credit Cards and maybe PayPal (images to be displayed on bottom of suitable page). This information will then be stored, as it will need to be charged for a set amount on a monthly basis, until the user requests for this to cease. Naturally all registration information will need to be passed through via secure server.

With the taking and processing of payment details, we haven’t decided upon the exact method, and institution, so will be discussed with the developer.

So the site will need to be…

•Quick loading

•Visually pleasing

•Easy to navigate through

•Intuitive for the end user

•Designed with SEO kept front of mind

•Containing complete, and easy to use, search facility based on registration fields

•Have e-commerce functionality – there is only one product at a fixed price

•Facility to create one-off pricing sets for a new member

•Graphics to show status of ICQ/MSN/Yahoo/others integrated as a support option

The database will…

•Need to be secure

•Have information entered through SSL registration page

•Need the information accessible to us on either a ‘registration field’ or whole database level

•Records able to be modified, deleted with comments added by us

•Include full audit trail monitoring of all access to the website by members

•Easily backed up in case of crashes etc

•Allow for the creation and use of promo/discount codes

•Integrate the site to a Payment Processor (to be detailed with Developer)

Pages required:

General section

•Home page

•Privacy statement

•About us – why site exists, what it is used for and by whom

•Contact us – people select an area of the business, enter their information and question, submit for email to go to appropriate email address

•Sign-up –The initial page would give more detailed information on how it works and what they should expect.

o Registration – Similar to dating site’s join up and payment structure.

•Member Login – for paid up members

Members section

•Post Login Home page with greeting to logged in business

•New customer listing

•Search listings

•Forum/Bulletin Board

•Ability to comment on or remove the member feedback left by a store, ala ebay.


•First draft of site to be completed within a month of acceptance of job.

•Future drafts dependant upon the quality of first draft and adherence to supplied structure

•All original files & source code must be editable and will convey to us at the conclusion of the project.

•Will include a rating system involving ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs down’ depending upon information entered by registered members

•Logo and colour choices will be supplied

•We haven’t committed to an ISP yet so are open to feedback

•Target market is Australia and New Zealand followed by UK and Europe then USA

•Code will need to be well commented for future usage

•As this is a new idea I cannot give sites as comparisons

•I am happy if a portion of the site is based on an altered template you currently have

When you respond to this project could you please…

•Not give us your standard reply, which are normally irrelevant

•Explain why you can do the job better than anyone else/Why you are best suited

•Give examples of sites you have done that you feel are applicable – no more than 5 of your best please

•Give your thoughts on ISP and e-commerce options

•Tell us how you will handle the challenge of implementing a site for a new concept

If you don’t wish to take the time to answer these issues I am afraid we won’t take the time to consider you for the job. For those that do, we are looking forward to your reply and selecting the most suited to get on with this exciting project.


The team at TizzBizz

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