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This is an opensource not-for-profit project however I shall accept bids around $50 - $150. The project itself it NOT overly difficult but I've been thorough in want I need.


All I require help building the core of the application, the parts that I simply cannot do (see features below). I have all the resources I need for this project to succeed.

The program itself called Sikher is meant to be a searching software to search and display parts of religious scriptures from the Sikh faith. The project involves working with Unicode text and to display it in an asthetically pleasing way.

Here is a link to a similar software called SikhiToTheMax. You must download all 3 files for the Setup to work:

[SikhiToTheMax][1] :: SikhiToTheMax Searcher

The aim is to build on the concept of SikhiToTheMax program which is primitive, dated, of low functionality, ugly and incomplete and make a whole new application from ground up which far exceeds the functionality of SikhiToTheMax and is cross-platform (using Python and WxPython) and highly functional.

Here is the link to the Open Source website:

<[url removed, login to view]> :: Sikher Open Source Searcher

Here is the link to the current Sikher Scope, which is also attached:

[The Sikher Scope][2] :: The Sikher Scope

I don't think this program is overly difficult to build, however I have no previous coding experience other than in HTML, XHTML and CSS. I look forward to working with you and shall provide you all the additional support you require! I shall talk to you more in detail on this issue in chat.

## Deliverables

1) Complete source code should be committed to the CVS respository of Sikher held at Sourceforge dot net website. It is my responsibility to provide you with the necessary details on accessing the repository.

2) Source code should be built using the latest builds of Python and WxPython and any other required Python libraries like, for example, GetText.

3) The Coder should make brief notes on how the application was developed and how it all works together.

4) The Coder should leave brief comments in all the Python files.

5) Here are the Sikher Version 1.0 Features. It is expected of the Coder to complete all these features other than the noted exceptions:

(NOTE: Gurbani essentially is an alias for the word Scripture, Gurmukhi is the language that all of the scriptures are in and has been added to the Unicode standard.)

--> Cross platform program which works with Windows, Linux and Mac (built using Python, WxPython and maybe a few other Python related libraries)

--> Internationalised (i18n) program which is available in 5 languages (I'll handle this bit, but the program itself must be built to cope with other languages. GetText for Python should do this automatically and parse all strings in the Python files)

--> Gurbani built-in including Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 5 Daily Banis, Ardaas, Bhai Gurdaas Vaars and Amrit Keertan (I'll deal with the specific scriptures that need to be added, all I need is a dynamic program which can read in any scripture I add to it. In the future more scriptures may need to be added so this must be a core part of the program)

--> Gurbani translated and transliterated into 5 languages (I'll deal with this bit, but again the program must be able to cope with alternate languages of translations and be able to create transliterations on the fly from the Gurmukhi Unicode. A tool at IBM Open Source research centre shall do this for you automatically. I'll direct you with more detail when the time comes.)

--> Advanced searching capabilities in both Gurmukhi and the other languages including by words, letters and phrases (Again very central to the program, this is the heart of it, to be able to search and return results. Again it must be similar to but better than SikhiToTheMax's functionality)

--> Slide and slideshow function shows each line of Gurbani with/without translation or transliteration in Powerpoint, OpenOffice or with the Sikher’s built in abilities. (Very important, the built-in ability to show slideshows is the most important and is a priority over OpenOffice and PowerPoint compatibility)

--> Akand Paath function which allows for the continuous reading of the Gurbani (integral part of the Sikh way of life) (Not too difficult to implement, this essentially is the scriptures being displayed at a slow rate scrolling vertically. You'll see a similar functionality in SikhiToTheMax if you right click on any found line and select Akand Paath)

--> Hukamnama funcion which takes the reader to a random page in the scriptures (integral part of the Sikh way of life) (Again not too difficult to make, a random number generator makes a number between 1 and 1430 and returns the page)

--> Project function which allows a user to save the order in which hymns appear in a slide show (The application should be able to recognise each line of the scriptures uniquely so that a person can save, for example, lines 1, 5 and 1200-1400 as a file to show in a slideshow at a later date.)

--> Export function which allows a user to export hymns in a variety of formats including txt, html, xml and pdf (The program can dynamically convert the text into a variety of formats instantly)

--> Import function which allows a user to import a new language, translation, Gurbani or saved Project into Sikher (again highly important)

6) The Coder should be aware that additional features may be requested as the project develops whilst others may be taken away

7) Once the Coder has completed this contract the Sikher Software shall solely be licensed under the Open Source GNU General Public License (GPL)

## Platform

All platforms - the program should be platform independant and built using latest builds of Python and WxPython and any other Python libraries that are neccesary.

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