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210603 Help fight the info war

After reading the passage, you may find further information at the links posted towards the end.

Do you believe the US is policing the world?

Do you believe there may be an alternative explanation to 9/11

Did you know the world's currency has a purchasing power that the central bankers determine?

Did you know America did not declare war on Iraq... or any other country since WWII (therefore, the people did not choose to do so)?

Do you know about the Bohemian Grove Society, the council on foreign relations, and the Bilderberg Group?

Are you afraid of the lies our leaders are spreading (for some truth, [url removed, login to view])?

If you are tuned into the problems, then let me know. It is clear, after Ron Paul -America's last hope www.ronpaul2008.com- was blacklisted by the media, that we are in deeper than once believed. The world does not understand, because they have not been taught.

I need your help in spreading the truth, the full truth.

I want to establish a non-profit website using affiliate links. Encourage the "knowledgable" to shop there so as to fund the info war. Perhaps someday warehousing and sellign tangible products, but for now just links.

This will be a long term relationship. There will be very little in it for either of us besides changing what is wrong with our leaders and media.

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

youtube "money banks, and the federal reserve"

youtube "alex jones" his videos include: Martial law, dark secrets at bohemian grove, endgame

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