File Hosting Service

**Sample Brief Scenario for File Hosting Service**

A visitor browse the website, lets say this visitor is a normal user, and not a registered member,

this visitor will have the ability to upload any file he want with a limit of 50mb per file for example, this file can be in any extinction except ( .php .pl .xpl .ppl … etc ) and other known dangerous extinctions, however, this visitor's upload will lake management properties for his uploads unlike the registered member which he can have a control panel to manage all his file uploads, extra properties might be given to the registered member such as more upload size and no time waits for downloading any file hosted by our service. also the normal user can download without waiting.

However, if this visitor is a website owner or a web developer, he can simply register for our service with an option asking him if hes a normal user or a web developer, that we might include on the registration page, or a separate page with a separate registration form, the difference between the registered member and the registered website owners is that the website owners have the ability to get a page hosted by us which allows the website owner's visitors to use and upload files to our server through it, the website owner can manage his own page (header ??" body ??" footer) in HTML to prevent any hacking attempts using PHP,** ** The website owner group can manage file extinctions in his upload page plus many options for file management and deleting for any not appropriate files. (global restricted file extinctions can't be added)

So, basically we have 3 groups of people :

- Normal visitor.

- Registered member.

- Website owner or developer.

## Deliverables

Features needed to improve our quality of upload:

- Upload manager ( javascript ??" perl )

- A way to make the user able to upload more than 1 file at the same time.

-there will be a place for advertisement for the host "us" in each upload webpage for the users that can be managed individually through the main control panel for the software, where it can be added using HTML code , however, we must have statistics for each click made, and from where did it happen "as which hosted page".

The files for the registered members and normal visitors are going to be stored normally on our server, but for the website owners a folder will be created for his uploads, should the website owner cancel his service with us? he can have a full backup. This backup will be made automatically by the system if the user decided to do so. It will be in (.[url removed, login to view] format). And after 7 days all contents are going to be deleted.

- security holes that might come from programming errors, such as XSS, FILE INCLUSION and SQL INJECTION.

- The ability to host and provide each file to download with securing the original directory, so the user will not be able to know where is his uploaded files nor the exact location of it, he will be given a link with a session hash that expires after some time. (this method should not be used for images "ex. if someone want to put an image in a weblog, he can do that by adding the image after uploading it to our server to his blog" )

**Profit Control System And Reports:**

In addition to the uploading service that we will provide, we will have another complete-advertisment system where anybody can ask for advertisment in our web site, and will have access to some reports about number of clicks and visits of his adv.

for the general user also, he can access to small report about the count of visitor to his links and the count of real download, the forum will have the same with a the total current profit of adv.

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