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DVD Movie Database E-Store

The project consists to create a template for use on DVD Online Store from A to Z. The website will use Apache/MySQL/PHP/Windows OR Linux server. You can use any type of script using PHP to create the website (from scratch, Joomla, Drupal, Magento or anything else). You can use any module of your choice (Joom!Fish for the multilingual, for example).

We just need a final website fully working ready to be filled with our data. So, you are free to use what you want to create a fully working a friendly-use website.

The website will be use to;

- Show our online catalog of DVD (only information’s and 2 covers images per movie)

- Sell those using a cart

- Send an automatic invoice using PayPal when the user decide to complete the purchase

- Create a customer's account with all the information for invoice and shipping

The website have to;

- A customer can search a movie by Studio, by Director, by Year, by Actor, by Country, by keyword.

- When a customer is a on movie profile page, he can click on the name of one actor and be redirected on a page where he can see all the movies where the actor play. Same things for the studios, the director, the year, the country and the keyword.

- The admin form to enter a new Movie have to be user-friendly and with some automatic function as describe below.

You can see 3 websites with similar layout and content of we want (prefer TLAVideo layout):

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

In addtion, we want to have these options on our template:


These one will help us to maintain an create a multilingual website and give us the possibility to add another language in the future.


Our catalog is only for Movies. We have a lot of field here.

- Title

- Studio*

- Year**

- Country***

- Director*

- Number of disc(s)

- Length (this is the lenght of the movie)

- Actors*

- UPC (12 Digit)***

- Review*

- Face cover (The admin browse on is computer to upload a picture of the face cover in JPEG format. The script automatically import, resize the picture to 366X522PX and create a thumb file of 100X142PX)

- Back cover (The admin browse on is computer to upload a picture of the back cover in JPEG format. The script automatically import, resize the picture to 366X522PX and create a thumb file of 100X142PX)

- Added (This is an automatic entry create when the movie is tested unique (view the Year field for more information) but the Admin can change the date if he just click on the field. In fact, when the admin clicks on the field, a calendar appear and the admin can chose the day, the month and the year.)


*The actors, the directors and the studios fields are special. If we take the example of the actors field, 1 movie can have more than 1 actor. So, we need a simple field for the Admin. So, the admin just have to enter each Actor separate by commas. (Ex: Actor 1, Actor 2, Actor 3) In this example, the script understand the movie have 3 different Actors. The Actor 1, the Actor 2 and the Actor 3.

At the end, when the Admin confirm he wants to add the movie, the script will check for each studio if they already exist in the Actor table. If yes, create a link to the title that already exist in the database.

Any questions feel free to ask. I will try to be more clear.

Hello everyone:
Thank you for all for your interest in helping us with our template for our DVD Online Store.
After reading and checking each one of your ideas and proposals, we have come to the conclusion that we need to explain a few items which perhaps are not very clear about our project.
Here are some of the answers to some of the most question items posted on the proposal we've received so far:
- We definitely have opted for Linux Server.
- The project is for a DVD Store which will have a all the data fields mentioned above along with DVD covers to all movies and whenever possible, a video preview or trailer. (the preview is not a must but it would be nice to have)
- The payment methods will be primarily paypal and google checkout (we need necessary modules to be install at the time of template creation to function with any shopping cart compatible with CMS or scrip used to create template, we also need to be able to accept credit card payments. Latter on we will need assistance to incorporate ASC X12 for DTC fullfilment.
- The shipping methods we want to use are USPS, UPS and Fedex.
- We don't want a template made of a mix of the three layouts that we like, we want one Better to any of the three but we prefer something closer to the layout of option ONE.
- Regarding "IMPORTANT NOTES": what we are asking is that whatever the layout of the template, we want friendly input fields for the admin (Me or anybody in our company) to enter all the info in the database. We want the script for this fields to be able to check for "double" entries in the database, not necessarily for doubles but for identical items, example: movies with same title, same actor whom appears in various movies, etc, lets say there are two movies titles black knight but with different actors, we want the script to allow such entries so when visitor performs search for this title, both titles and respective links to own info is presented in the search result, we want the script to place links to titles, names, studios, countries, etc, so the database establishes a true reciprocate relation within itself for a complete "inter-relation" of all data for reference and search purposes. Again we must emphasize that the script used to create all the data fields is simple and friendly for the administrators to enter all data.
Hope this helps anybody with questions regarding the above stated concerns.
Please feel free to PM any other questions.
Happy New Year to all of you!

Hello Everybody:

This is regarding questions about which "shopping cart" we prefer.
Because we are starting sales and shipping from our own warehouse inventory. We prefer a "free" to use shopping cart which can be incorporated to our template with "paypal" and "google check out" modules.
We don't want any shopping carts from companies that requires fees and percentages from posted sales.
We would like to hear which "shopping carts" are planning on implementing in our template.
kind regards,

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