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Symfony-Monsters Wanted!

Overall Scope:

- Programming: Development of web projects using Symfony framework.

- Mark-Up: A ready functioning php project built using Symfony framework needs to be HTML/CSS-ed using a layered PSD file or even from scratch with visual directions.

If anything of the above two suits you and you can spend working on our projects MORE than 20 hours per week (so, you are not working already in an office as an employee for the whole 8 hours per day) - please read further. :)

Attached is the Functional Description for the initial project. The project should be implemented using Symfony 1.4, NOT 2. Please deliver a time/cost estimation and a rough break-up of the development time for each stage/part of the project.

## Deliverables

What would really highlight you among the other candidates: - Web-links to your Symfony projects. - ZIP-file of one of these projects or it's major part, where we can review the code, data model, HTML/CSS mark up and any other parts. This should be a project, where we can get impressed by the engineer qualities of the developer, quality of the data model creation, apps/modules implementation and the template part - the HTML/CSS quality. - Honest and open proposals/notes/objections/excitement regarding any of the below listed points. :) A couple of words about us and our working process. Who we are: - Freelancers, same as you, working on our own, enjoying the freedom of choosing customers, with more than 8 years of experience. :) - Major workfields - web systems using Symfony (LAMP) and iOS applications. Work style and important moments: - We've got hell of a lot of projects. - We are all freelancers, so everybody works when and how he wants. - No one works with third-party shit code or partially-finished projects. Everything is developed from scratch and by high-class engineers. - THere is no rush and time pressure. Each team member estimates on his own the time he needs for the implementation. - The same works for the prices for the projects. - No one is standing behind you and looking over your shoulder. You are planning all your actions and the whole work process on your own. - The sooner you have finished the current project, the quicker you are getting the functional description for the next one. - All questions are answered in several hours by the project manager. - What is said - is also done. Dictum - Factum. This is equally true for all members of the team. - Feeling that you are failing to deliver by the previously agreed deadline? Inform us as soon as possible! A timely information (not in a day before the deadline) - is absolutely not a drama and in most situations and with adequate explanations does not lead to any negative circumstances. - Developers bear responsibility for their buts/glitches/forgotten functionality on their own. This means they will be fixed at their costs. - All addons/changes that were not agreed and described in the initial project description - are paid. The developer gets additional funding for these. - No one screws your brain with addons/changes during the initial implementation phase, with rare exceptions. First we implement the initial scope, and then we begin the phases 2, 3, etc. - A very detailed functional description is created for each project before the start and/or a detailed set of mockups. No projects are started before every tiny detail is crystal clear. - A customer does not get the developer's contact details. Not because we are afraid of direct collaboration, but because the developers are mostly not really glad to get stalked by the customer personally, day and night, with every little question. :) I will be the single point of contact for both customers and team members and all questions are solved in a centralized way. Sincerely Yours, Dev Experts

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