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1. A party cooperating with the company MySQL database made in the framework laravel 5.2 and Bootstrap and technology, HTML 5, CSS 3 is supported library jQuary.

2. Encoding Polish characters should be done according to the standard UTF-8.

3. Code page open, uncoded, source code included.

4. The Party shall cooperate with copyright content management system "Translations" and print materials through a dedicated API with the main server.

5. Optimized popular search engines.

6. page correctly displayed in the main browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari).

7. The website is responsive - adapts to the resolution of the device on which it is viewed (mobile phone, tablet, PC).

Layuot look of the site is prepared by us.

Modules Module page

1. Login to the admin page, adding and deleting users, granting logins and passwords, setting access rights.

2. Language module integrated with "Translations", which supports the page in many languages.

3. The module add pages integrated with "Translations" with the ability to remove and assign them to the appropriate item in the menu page.

4. Main Menu page placed on the top of the page, drop down when you hover the mouse, and click redirect to the appropriate pages with the ability to add, delete and change the order of items on the menu.

5. Product Search and articles hint while entering phrases.

6. Slider on the home page changing slides holding another menu located at the bottom of a slide in the form of dots to select a specific slide. All slides have animated graphics and text. Slider has the ability to add, delete, assign slides to the selected language version of the page, and define the order of the displayed slide.

7. Breadcrumb navigation module.

8. Module commenting and evaluating products with the ability to accept or delete comments

9. The module prompts featured articles.

10. newsletter module with the ability to add and delete users from the database. Integrated module for shipment mailing.

11. The module shipment mailing with the possibility of adding templates to choose which group of users is to be distributed.

12. The module tree products with the ability to add, assign a category, edit and delete products

13. module to define product parameters for filtering and comparison.

14. The module defining the function of the product.

15. The module add a gallery of products and clear them.

16. Module filtering products after technical parameters narrowing the results of the selection branches in the tree of the product

17. The module compare selected products after their performance.

18. Search module distributors through search or google map.

19. The module integrated into the events of "Translations" having the possibility of narrowing the selected category with the option of dynamic doczytywania senior positions.

20. The module login to the support with the ability to create a new user, password reminder, deleting, setting access rights.

21. Dictionary module alarm with the possibility of adding passwords with descriptions of their editing and deleting.

22. The module return the used equipment with the ability to add additional points return their search, edit and delete.

23. Contact form integrated with info internal network site

24. Module for adding information from social networking.

25. generation module sitemap.

26. Statistics of visits to the integrated account in Google Analytics.

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