Simple HTTP API needed

Skills needed: ASP (or ASP.NET) / PHP, NGINX, AJAX, JavaScript

A HTTP API is required for an existing hardware appliance. The hardware appliance makes HTTP GET and POST calls to static URLs in an API that you need to design. This API is NOT internet or public facing, however the API will need to post the text using HTTP POST to a website at a specific part (see the management page part below).

The text being posted by the appliance needs to be temporarily stored so that it can be retrieved by two HTML pages.

The system you will design can be broken down into several parts:

- The API [portions exist]

- back end “management” HTML page

- front end “pretty” HTML page [already exists]

The pretty HTML page will poll the API for “approved” text that came from the hardware appliance. That text is only pushed out to the API by the management page. It will use AJAX to poll for this data because it will be displayed on a live video as an overlay, and HTML page refreshes will cause the page to blank while loading.

NOTE: This page already exists and is only present in this summery so you know of it’s presence.

The management page will also poll the API (again using AJAX) for changes to the text it receives from the hardware appliance. When changes occur, it must start a javascript countdown timer (30 seconds). When it reaches 0 and no further changes have occurred between the timer starting it needs to call the API (either FORM POST or AJAX) to instruct it to “approve” the text.

While the timer is running, it must be able to cancel itself if the data goes back to what it was before, or reset to 30 seconds if it changes to new text again before it reaches 0.

Once the text is approved, the API will store the text which can then be retrieved by the pretty page and the API must also at this point do a HTTP POST to a website with the text.

A very basic version of the of this API currently exist. For example the pretty page exists and will just need to be updated with the API URL that you design for the pretty page to poll.

The management page will need to be designed as well as the API itself. The project is simple, and does not need to be pretty at all, text only HTML will suffice. No CSS required.

There are 4 very minor static URLs that the hardware appliance calls that it needs during it’s startup, but these are not worth mentioning in this summery, especially as they are already built into the current API, so you can reuse them as these parts work fine.

Upon awarding this project to you, I will forward the precise details of the static URLs mentioned at the top of this summery.

I will/can also forward you the current API to you (classic ASP) because much of the work is already done (hence the low value on this project), you can reuse anything that achieves the goal here.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Квалификация: AJAX, ASP, Javascript, Nginx, PHP

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