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Hi, I'm looking for someone to develop me a piece of software/application, most likely web-accessed, that can interact with Twitter in the following ways (I know there are many 3rd party applications/sites out there however none are suited to my specific requirements). NOTE this will not be a publicly accessed site, it should only be myself/my business that accesses/uses it.


> I can add as many self-owned Twitter accounts to this application as I want on an ongoing basis.

> I can add as many client Twitter accounts as required on an ongoing basis.

> Each of these self-owned accounts should be able to auto-retweet any of the other accounts (both self-owned and client) within the application - I should be able to specify number of retweets per day per account. Ultimately, each self-owned account should randomly retweet a set number (which can be amended as necessary) of tweets every day from EVERY other account (both self-owned and client). For example, if there are 10 accounts in the application (say 7 self-owned and 3 client), each of these 10 accounts should randomly retweet x (where x can be changed) number of tweets every day from EACH of the other 9 accounts. As the number of accounts grow, so will the volume of retweets.

> the same should apply for liking other accounts comments, both self-owned and client.

> whenever a new self-owned twitter account is added to the application it should auto-follow all other self-owned and client accounts in the application, and all other self-owned accounts should auto-follow this new self-owned account.

> I should be able to add 'client' accounts to this application, which will then be auto-followed by all of the self-owned accounts in the application - not all straight away, but over a set period of time. As new self-owned accounts are added they should also auto-follow all client accounts & self-owned accounts in the application.

> I should be able to send out the same tweet from all self-owned accounts at the same time without any hassle, and I further should be able to schedule future tweets from all self-owned accounts at the same time, without having to set these tweets up for each self-owned account individually.

> There should be a dashboard facility that will let me click on any of the accounts (both self-owned and client) that shows me how many tweets/retweets/likes they have done/received in a specified timeframe

Ultimately, I am trying to create a network of active twitter accounts that I can then charge clients for followers, retweets, likes, etc. Unlike the current services out there though, as these self-owned accounts will have continued organic growth and daily activity, as well as the user-base growing daily.

I've probably not given the best explanation here, however I can discuss in a Skype call if required.

thanks. Barry

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