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Auction Script

We need an auction page but not like ebay. We have a special bidding system. Only the admin can sell items on this page. An auction will start at a price the admin can set. With every bid a user made the price will go down 10 cents. Every bid will cost the user 1 credit. To make a bid the users must buy bidcredits. there a two possible ends to an auction. At a price the admin can set and at a time the admin can set. What is reached first will end the auction. Example: startprice is 500€ and with every bid the price goes 10 cents down. The first user places a bid and the price will be 499,90 €. The second user places a bid and the price will be 499,80 € and so on. the admin can say the auction stops at 300€. the user who makes a bid when the price is 300,10€ and reduces the price to 300€ will be automatically the winner. If the endtime the admin set will be reached before the endprice of 300€ the winner of the auction is the current bidder. The price is at 350,50€ but the endtime is reached the user who made the last bid is the winner.

The admin can set the following things: Startprice, hidden end price, hidden end time and the latest end of the auction. The users will see only startprice and latest end time. Example:

Startprice: 500€

hidden end price: 300€ ( not visible to users )

hidden end time: [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] ( not visible to users )

latest end time: [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view]

So the users will see this auction will end somwhere until the [url removed, login to view] at 03.00pm.

Users area:

watch auctions

buy bid-credits to make bids (over paypal)

view bidding history

see won auctions

change password

edit profile

Admin area:

Manage Users:

view all the sites registered users. Change the status of a user from active to inactive or vice versa. Delete a user. Edit a users details. See how many credits they have and the total number of bids they have placed. See every won auction.

User Credit:

View all users current bid credit levels. Ability to manually add or subtract credits from the users account. This can be used if the need to refund a user comes up, or for rewarding users randomly with bonus credits.

Add Main Categories:

Create new main categories to list auction items under.

Add Sub Categories:

Create new sub categories to list auction items under.

View Categories:

first, view all the main categories listed on the site and see the number of how many sub categories are listed under each main category. Second, view the sub category and the number of auctions listed in each sub category. For each auction listing we can view the auction description, view the bids placed on the auction, edit the auction, and delete the auction. also have the ability to delete sub categories and main categories as needed.

Place Item:

All auction listing will be created here. Select the main and sub categories for the auction to be listed under. Set the item name, the item description, the hidden end price, the hidden end time, the retail price, the bid fee ( how many credits for on bid), set the date the auction is started on and the expected closing date, upload an image of the item, option to make the auction featured on the home page.

Search Item:

Locate all information on a specific auction item by searching the auction ID number.

Set Bidding Credits:

Set the number of credits a user recieves per euro and also have the option to reward a user with free credits for purchasing larger amounts of bid credits.

10€ = 20 credits

20€ = 40 credits + 2 free




Finishing auctions:

View who has won all the closed auctions and set the status from pending to completed when items have been shipped. Keeps a record of all completed auctions.

Closed bids:

View all completed auction details. Delete a completed auction to remove the results from the results page.

Email All Users:

Send an email to all of the sites registerd users at once. Works like a newletter.

Email Auction Users:

Send an email to all the bidders of a specific auction.

Terms And Conditions:

Set the sites user terms and conditions direct from admin area.

Add Privacy:

Set the sites privacy policy direct from the admin area.

Add About:

Set the sites about us page direct from the admin area.

Add Homepage Text:

Set the sites homepage greeting direct from the admin area.

Add Faq:

Set the sites question and answer section direct from the admin area.

How It Works:

Set the sites description of how the auction works direct from the admin area.

Automatic Emails:

Emails are automatically sent out for Registration, Forgot Password, winners of auction, Contact Us, Change their texts.

Add Your Email:

Here we can enter the email address associated with the contact us form. we can also enter the email address for PayPal that all our sites payments will be processed through.

Change Password:

Change the password to the administration area.


Logout of the administration area.

Design: we have already an [url removed, login to view] but it must apposite to our logo ( change color only )


featured auctions



login field

search field

Tabs: about us, how it works , sign up, my account, faqs

sign up must be with full register field (except terms & conditions )and activation link

footer: terms & conditions, privacy, about us


Auction Title

Retail price

actual price

bid fee

latest end

latest bidder ( user )

actual safe in % to the retail price

It must be possible for us to edit the code later.

Квалификация: PHP

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