autocad 2d drawing

i ha excellent skills in autocad 2d drawing.

and i have excellent skill of data entry.

for any discussion please contact me.

i will do my best to complete my work with great quality.

As a CAD or computer-aided design technician, you'll use software to create design plans for buildings and machinery. You could work in a wide range of industries from engineering and construction to manufacturing. You could work in 2D design, which is known as surface modelling, or 3D design - called solid modelling.

Initially, you'll use surface modelling to draw a flat representation of the product, for example a new car design. Clients will then see the plans and give feedback, before engineers build and test a prototype.

In solid modelling, you'll create a 3D display of a structure or component. Engineers could then use this to take a 'virtual tour' around the inside of a new building, for example, to plan where to fit electrical cabling. Or they may 'look inside' a piece of manufacturing machinery to see where improvements could be made.

You'll also use your designs to help prepare cost estimates on projects, and produce assembly instructions and maintenance manuals for installation, service and repair technicians.

You will normally work in a small team, with each technician working on a different part of a project under the guidance of a design engineer.

Note that CAD work may have different names depending on the industry, including:

Computer aided industrial design (CAID)

Computer aided engineering (CAE)

Computer aided styling (CAS)

Computer aided manufacturing (CAM).

Hours and environment

Typically, you will work 37 to 40 hours a week, Monday to Friday. You'll be based in a design office, working at a CAD design workstation or on a PC.

For construction and engineering design work, you might be asked to work on site for part of the project.

Skills and interests

To be a CAD technician, you'll need:

A sound knowledge of engineering design principles

Good numeracy and computer skills

Good communication skills

A knowledge of material properties

An understanding of manufacturing processes and construction methods

Good problem-solving skills

Creative flair

The ability to work as part of a team

The ability to meet deadlines.

As well as light and heavy engineering, you can find work as a CAD technician in many other industries including construction, aerospace, railways, electronics, broadcasting and telecommunications. Vehicle and consumer goods manufacturers are other common employers.

Your options for career progression include promotion to team or section leader, project manager and site manager. With further training, you could become a design engineer.

You may be able to work freelance if you are an experienced technician

As a mechanical engineer, you will design, build, install and service mechanical machinery, components and tools across a range of industries. These include the manufacturing, construction, power, transport, sports and medical industries.

Whichever industry you work in, you will normally be involved in three key areas:

Research and Development - assessing new products and innovations, and building prototypes

Design - turning research ideas into technical plans using computer aided design (CAD) and computer modelling programs.

Production - improving production processes, and planning and supervising the installation of machinery and parts in line with design plans and timescales.

You could be working on large scale projects, such as new ways to harness wave and tidal power, or at small scale or 'micromechanical' level, for example making prosthetic implants to help people who have trouble moving about.

Hours and environment

You'll normally work 37 to 40 hours a week, maybe longer depending on projects and deadlines.

Your working environment could vary from quiet, modern, open-plan offices to factory production areas and outdoor sites. Depending on the contract, you may also have to travel abroad.

Skills & Int

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