Long Term Role: Solidity Backend Blockchain Developer (Full Time)

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- Skill Set Required:

Advanced knowledge of EVM and tools required for on-chain development, such as remix-ide ganache truffle, etc., and replicating smart contracts (forking protocols) using existing codes on another EVM-compatible blockchain. Comfortable using GitHub.

Complete understanding of on-chain and open-source solidity protocols including but not limited to core contracts and peripheries and their functionalities and operations within a protocol (such as DEX and DeFis).

Ability to understand the backend functionalities of EVM protocols with little effort and easily able to fork multiple interdependent Smart Contracts to other EVM-compatible blockchains. (Such as forking a DEX from Ethereum mainnet to polygon or Binance smart chain)

Comprehensive understanding of Uniswap v2 and v3 and the concept of fungible and non-fungible liquidity pools in each DEX respectively. Understanding the concept of bootstrapping liquidity as done in the case of Sushiswap and Uniswap v2.

Expert in frontend and backend development (however much of the focus will be on backend blockchain Smart Contract replication on EVM)

- Core Task:

- You would be required to work with your manager who would provide you instructions and guidance on forking SetProtocol V2 index management protocol and Uniswap V3 (uniswap V3 uses non-fungible liquidity pools) from Ethereum Mainnet to Binance Smart Chain. These two protocols are functional on Ethereum mainnet and available on multiple EVM chains now, with V3 recently being launched on Binance Smart Chain.

- You would be asked to replicate all the core and peripheries within each protocol and check their functionalities on the test net to confirm that transactions are being processed as desired. All of the contracts are open source and available on GitHub.

- You would be required to maintain a GitHub repository for the project [login to view URL] ensuring that the protocols within the ecosystem are open source, connected to our GitBook, and accessible to everyone (similar to uniswap v3 and set protocol v2)

- Any other task assigned by your manager to ensure that the backend protocol is developed as per the requirement of the ecosystem

- Other Professional Skill sets

• Manage multiple priorities and get the right things done at the right time;

• Communicate clearly with the team to address opportunities, issues, and technical problems and solutions.

• Monitor, troubleshoot, and resolve the problems with the production system for the modules you’ve developed.


• Proven knowledge and experience in Solidity development

• Bachelor's degree in IT related field

• Strong experience with modern web development technologies

• Experience with blockchain development, particularly with Ethereum

• Familiarity with NFT standards, such as ERC-721

• Strong understanding of software development principles and practices

• Experience working in an Agile development environment

• Excellent problem-solving and communication skills

• Passion for technology

• Previous experience in DeFi projects.

• Working knowledge of Dex protocols.

• Ability to learn fast.

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