Daily Withdrawals

For cases wherein you are in immediate need of your earnings, Daily Withdrawals can greatly benefit you. 

So, what is Daily Withdrawals and how can you take advantage of it?

  • All withdrawal requests are subject to verification checks. However, the Daily Withdrawals feature allows eligible users to have their withdrawal request processed within one (1) business day after it is filed. The release of the funds from your payment gateway will still depend on the withdrawal method that you used. 

  • Daily withdrawal processing applies to all withdrawal methods.

  • This feature is only available for users on Plus, Professional, and Premier membership plans. (It also applies to the grandfathered packages Standard and Premium membership plans.)

  • Eligible users need to have at least one (1) successful withdrawal request before.

Thus, an eligible user's first withdrawal request will still have the 15-day delay before processing. After their successful first withdrawal, daily withdrawal processing will then apply to their succeeding withdrawal requests.


For users under Free, Intro, and Basic membership plans, their withdrawal requests will follow these cut-off times:

  • 5pm on Sunday, New York time or 7am on Monday, Sydney time - The withdrawal request will be processed on Monday, New York time or Tuesday, Sydney time.

  • 5pm on Wednesday, New York time or 7am on Thursday, Sydney time - The withdrawal request will be processed on Thursday, New York time or Friday, Sydney time.


To upgrade to a Plus membership plan or higher and benefit from Daily Withdrawals, just click here

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