How to File a Deposit Refund

Refunds are not the same as withdrawals. On, money earned from completing projects are to be withdrawn. (To know more about withdrawals, please read this article.)

On the other hand, if you put the money into your account by depositing it but now you want it returned, you need to file a refund. Here's how to do it:


1. Create a ticket by clicking Submit a Ticket below this page.


2. Once a popup window appears, select Claim Deposit Inquiry as the department to which the ticket will be sent.


3. Provide a subject for your ticket and specify your refund request.

Do NOT forget to include the details of your deposit. (Please refer to the next section below.)


4. Click Submit.

You will receive a confirmation reply to your ticket once your deposit refund is processed.


Required Deposit Details

Please ensure that the payment gateway you used to deposit your funds is specified on your ticket (PayPal, Skrill, or Credit Card). The details of the deposit are also needed for your refund to be processed properly. You only need to provide the following details:

  • Payment gateway used:

  • Deposit amount:

  • Date and time of deposit:

  • Last four digits of CC: (If the deposit was made through credit card)


You can copy this list then supply the relevant details when you create your ticket.

TIP: You can go to your Transaction History page and look for the deposit transaction to easily copy the date and time of the deposit to be refunded.



It's important to remember that you may only ask for a refund if the funds are available on your account. This means that the funds are not to be used to cover project fees, Milestone Payments, etc. For example, you deposited 50 USD to your account, but it has since decreased to 40 USD because of fees (project fee or membership fee). In that case, you can only file a refund for the remaining 40 USD.

Deposited funds can only be returned to the same funding source, and it’s supposed to be in the same currency. So let’s say your original deposit was through PayPal and the amount was in US Dollars. The refund will then be a return of US Dollars to your PayPal account.

One last thing, deposited funds expire if they are not refunded within *a year. Expired deposits are no longer qualified for refund; you will need to withdraw them instead. If the deposited amount is below the required minimum (e.g. 30 USD), contact our Support Team for assistance by clicking the Chat Now! button below.

*Funds that are processed by Global Collect expire 6 months after date of deposit.


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