PayPal Withdrawals

PayPal withdrawal allows freelancers to withdraw their hard-earned funds from their account directly to their PayPal account. This is one of the fastest withdrawal methods as it usually takes within the day of the withdrawal processing for the funds to be available on a user's PayPal account.


PayPal Withdrawal Requirements

  • Complete the verification process required by PayPal. You can only add your PayPal account as a verified payment method on if your account on PayPal is verified. Log in to your PayPal account and complete the verification process here

  • Add your PayPal account as a verified payment method on the site. To do this, hover over your account balance above, select Verify Payment Method, and click Add PayPal account

If you complied with the requirements above but you received the withdrawal warning for verifying your PayPal account, please try to re-verify it. 

To re-verify, remove your PayPal account from your Payment Methods list by clicking the X icon beside it on this page. Once done, go to the Verify Payment Method page to link your PayPal account again.


Using PayPal Withdrawal

When you have successfully linked your PayPal account to your account, you can then use PayPal withdrawal by following these steps:

1. Hover over your account balance at the upper right part of your Dashboard and select Withdraw Money.

2. On the Withdrawal Request page, select PayPal.

3. On the PayPal Withdrawal page, you will be asked to choose the PayPal account to which you want to withdraw your earned funds. Only your verified PayPal accounts will be listed as options.

Choose one and specify the amount of your withdrawal request.

4. Click Withdraw Funds.

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