How to Edit Your Profile

Having a complete and detailed profile page is important for bidding. Your profile page is what employers check when they are considering bid proposals. Thus, it is important to keep your profile up-to-date. 

Stand out from other freelancers by having an eye-catching profile page. It only takes a few steps:

1. Click your profile thumbnail at the upper right corner of your Dashboard page and select Profile.


2. Click Edit Profile.


3. Click the pencil icon. This will show beside the parts of your profile that you can edit (Professional Headline, Profile Summary, and Hourly Rate).

To upload a profile picture, just click Edit profile picture. Make sure to upload a professional profile picture of yourself or your own logo. You can also choose to change your cover picture by clicking Upload Cover Picture. However, this feature is only available for users with a paid membership plan. To upgrade your account, click here.

4. Click Save.


You can add information about your other qualifications. This would double as your online resume. Just scroll down your profile page and update the following sections (whichever is applicable): Experience, Education, Certifications, and Publications.

The skills on your account can also be changed anytime. Just click +Skills to add or remove skills.


It is highly recommended that you keep your profile page looking as professional as possible. Keep in mind that your profile page reflects your character and your professional manner.


Time spent improving your profile is the single easiest way to convert profile views to projects. So what will get you noticed? Read to know more.

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