Can I Specify the Duration of My Hourly Project?

As the employer, you can specify how long an hourly project would take. There’s no exact time frame for this because you can adjust it. It depends on your project and your requirements.

You can set the project duration and hours of work required when posting an hourly project.

If you are not sure about how many hours your project will take, you can tick I AM NOT SURE, so the work hours will not be specified to the bidders. They can provide their own work hours as they see fit.

Furthermore, you can specify the project duration in weeks or months. If you are not certain how long the project will take, you can select Not Sure from the Project Duration dropdown option.

Through their bid proposals or private messages, freelancers can state their estimation of how long their work is going to take to be completed. This can help a lot with your selection of the most suitable freelancer to work with you.

Whether you have a specific deadline or an undefined timeline, you can set this for your hourly project. We advise you to discuss the terms fully with freelancers to reach a final agreement for the project completion before awarding your project.

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