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How do Employers Mark a Project as Complete?

For employers, having a good record of completed projects shows how serious they are in their business. This also attracts more trusted freelancers to work for them. Here, we will show you how to mark a project as "Completed" based on their type and payment status.


For Fixed-Price Projects

Fixed-price projects are automatically marked as "Completed" once the employer pays the full amount of the freelancer's bid on the project. 


For Hourly Projects

Hourly projects can be marked as "Completed" once a payment is made and the employer ends the project.

To mark your project as completed, go to your project's page and click End Billing. A confirmation window about ending your billing option and the invoicing option of your freelancer will appear. Click End Billing.

Another popup window will appear asking you to choose how you wish to end your project. Select "I am satisfied that all my project requirements have been met"  to mark your project as completed.


For Partially-Paid Projects  

There are cases wherein both the employer and freelancer agree to end a project with only a partial payment released. Reasons for ending the project could be that the requirements have changed, the employer is already satisfied with the output, or the freelancer may have requested for it.

When this happens, the employer can end the project early. If your project is fixed-price, go to its page and click End Project.

If it is an hourly project, go to its page and click End Billing.

A popup will appear giving you two options:

  • the first option lets you mark the project as "Completed"
  • the second option lets you mark the project as incomplete

Choose the first option "I am satisfied that all my project requirements have been met" and confirm.

Note: We recommend employers to only mark a project as "Completed" if they are fully satisfied with their freelancer's work and have received all the project deliverables. This is because there is no option to return a project's status to "In Progress" once it is marked as "Completed."


For Unpaid Projects

For projects without released payments, the End Project/End Billing button is still available; however, projects cannot be marked as completed unless a payment is made. 

If you choose to end a project with no payments, you will be given only two options: to cancel it or to mark it as incomplete. To know more about cancelling a project or marking a project as incomplete, please read these articles:

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