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Marking projects as Complete

Marking projects as Complete depends on the project’s type and payment status. Manually completing projects is only recommended after the terms of the project have been satisfied and when all the expected output has been delivered.


Your option to give feedback will be activated once a project is marked as Complete.



For Fixed-price projects:


Fully paid


Fixed-price projects are automatically marked as Complete once the freelancer’s bid is paid in full.


Partially paid


     1.  Click End Project on your project’s Management tab.




     2.  Select I am satisfied that all my project requirements have been met.


     3.  Click Submit to confirm.



For Hourly projects:


Hourly projects can only be marked as Complete after your freelancer is paid and/or all outstanding invoices are paid.


     1.  If the automatic billing is enabled, disable it first by clicking End Billing.




     2.  Once the automatic billing is disabled, click End Project.




     3.  Select I am satisfied that all my project requirements have been met.


     4. Click Submit to confirm.


If the project has an unpaid invoice, you will be prompted to pay it first or bill as scheduled when you click End Project. You can pay the invoice or ask your freelancer to cancel it instead.


If you wish to end a project without releasing any payment, ask your freelancer to cancel any outstanding invoices and in-progress Milestone Payments. Note that you can either cancel or mark as Incomplete an unpaid project, but you cannot mark it as Complete.


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