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Finding work

Looking for work on the website can be done in a number of ways.



From the Browse menu


Click Browse from the website header, and choose Projects if you are looking to work on projects. If you want to join contests, choose Contests. Read here to know more about how projects and contests work.


On the Browse Projects page, you can filter the projects by the following:

On the Browse Contests page, you can filter the contests by the following:


From the Project Feed


You will be sent live notifications about available projects and contests related to the skills added to your profile. You can access them from the bell icon in the Navigation bar on the website header.



From Newsletter Emails


We send a list of new projects and contests related to the skills added to your profile, so you are updated with opportunities available even if you are not logged in on your Freelancer.com account.


On the email, click Bid Now to bid on projects and Enter Now to join contests. Clicking View more jobs matching your skills will redirect you to the Browse Projects page for the complete list of available projects.



By being a Service Provider


Freelancer Services allow you to complete quick jobs from clients.


     1.  Click on your profile picture thumbnail on the website header, and choose View Profile


     2.  From the My Profile menu, click My Services.


     3.  If you do not have services yet, click Browse More Services.


     4.  Choose a service you are expert on, and click Become a Provider.


If you meet the requirements of the Service, you will be added to the pool of service providers. You will be assigned a project when a client requests for that particular service. Otherwise, a list of the conditions that you have to meet first will be displayed. Learn more about Freelancer Services here.


Want tips on how to become a successful freelancer? Read here.


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