How to Retract a Bid

If you are rethinking your bid on a project, or if you want to cancel it for any reason, you always have the option to retract your bid.

Just go to the project page and locate your bid on the bid list. On its right side, click Retract Bid. When asked to confirm, click Yes.


Another way to do it would be to go to your My Projects page. Make sure you are on the Freelancer view, select the Active Bids tab, and select Retract Bid from the Action dropdown menu.


You will automatically be taken to another page to confirm your decision:


Once you click Yes, Remove My Bid!, your bid will automatically be removed from the bid list. This means that the employer will no longer be able to see your bid or award you the project. If you change your mind, you will be able to bid on the project again as long as it is still open and you still have available bids on your account.



  • Any bid upgrade you purchased will not be refunded to your account when you retract a bid.
  • The bid you retracted does not add back to your bid count. If you have 7/8 bids before retracting, you will still have 7/8 bids after.
  • You cannot retract a bid once the project is awarded to you.

To know more about bids replenishment, you can read this article: When will My Bids be Replenished?

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