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Inviting freelancers to bid on my project

After posting your project, there are two ways on how you can invite freelancers to bid on your project.



From the project page


1.   Go to your project’s page.


2.   Click More Options ( … ), and select Invite Freelancers.




3.   A list of recommended freelancers to invite will appear. Click Invite next to the freelancer that you wish to invite to your project. Invited freelancers will be removed from the list.



From the Freelancer Directory


1.   Hover over the Hire Freelancers menu.


2.   Select Browse Directory.


3.   Input the skills required to complete your project under the Skills field to only show freelancers relevant to your project.


Ticking the Online freelancers only option is recommended to increase your chances of receiving bids from invited freelancers.




4.   Click a freelancer’s name from the list on the right to be directed to their profile.


5.   Click the arrow next to the Hire button, and select Invite to project.





6.   Select the project to which you wish to invite the freelancer to, and click Invite.


7.   Click Close to finish.


If you need help in selecting a freelancer, you can take advantage of our Recruiter service to help you find the best freelancer for your project, which may also be one of our elite freelancers.


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