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This is a sample of a historical literary book and I am still translating from Arabic to German and this book is almost 400 pages long It was divided into about 12 parts so that the translation was completed during the year and each month ended with the translation of approximately 35 pages

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I will write articles or books in German. I will translate also German into English or Arabic and vice versa. I also offer to proofread, before all of the academical texts, the writing of which I used to teach, editing, writing of all kind in my native language, German. I have the ability to do so because I also studied German deeply at the Goethe-Institut of Germany and I passed the final level at the Institute and I have certificates from the Institute. In addition to practicing the profession of translation for more than 5 years and I studied German at Al-Azhar University, Islamic Studies Department

$40 USD/ч.

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