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At SmilingStart, we believe that people are fundamentally good inside. Within each one of us resides a wish to do good and give back to the society. But our fast paced lives have made it difficult to commit time and resources towards a good cause. Hence we developed SmilingStart, a web-based platform which provides users an opportunity to contribute towards social causes with minimal effort and no cost. Users have to simply select a cause and set SmilingStart as their browser startpage. Now, each time they open the browser we deliver interesting background images on the startpage. These images contain beautiful quotes, photographs of amazing places and branded creatives. We charge the brands for displaying their creatives on the startpage. 75% of this advertising fee is donated directly to the cause supported by the user. SmilingStart aspires to be the best browser startpage by delivering images that inspire, amaze and do good. For charities this will generate significant new fun

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Hello, my name is Amol Navsupe and I am a professional Web Developer, Designer and Programmer with over 7 years experience in this field. I have great skills and knowledge in the areas of my expertise and have worked in these areas for many sites and companies around the world. I have also worked as a PHP Developer , Laravel, Designer and Developer.. I am ready to work.

$5 USD/ч.

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