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An addon to a game that added a whole new system that would allow one to easily create new musical instruments. A pull-request to one of the major builds of this game: https://github.com/Baystation12/Baystation12/pull/20764 A YouTube video of a very early prototype of the system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-heeW1wPRz8 (be aware, it's over 3 years old, I've improved it significantly since)

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I've done a lot of small Python projects of all kinds, ranging from simple control scripts to complex mathematical models and simulations. All of this made my analytical skills quite excellent, but there is a catch: _nearly_ all of them were highly specific projects that I would do for myself. Exploration of the unknown is my passion and I'm fairly comfortable with things that are not well understood, but even I'm not omnipotent and there is always room to improve. Unfortunately most of those projects are not public and only recently have I started publishing them on GitHub. My GitHub profile: [login to view URL]

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