Small Farm House Automation (Xbee Mesh Network)

от FarzanSaleem

The project was to automate farm creating mesh network of Xbee S2 and to create GUI in Labview. The monitoring parameter was light, humidity, soil moisture and temperature and to automate water pump, heaters, light bulbs and sprinkling machine. This GUI can also store all data with time/date stamp in .txt file.

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I have 3+ years of experience in Hardware designing, firmware development and complete Product Development. Specialize in battery operated embedded systems that include sensors, displays, wireless,and human interfaces. Advanced experience in design/developing Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, sensors, connectivity, solutions for storing and processing big data. I can also provide liaison Support related to PCB fabrication, assembly, part sourcing and supply chain management from vendors (mainly) based out of Shenzhen, China.

$20 USD/ч.

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