Article: Buy Bitcoin in the United States


No matter if you are an experienced BTC merchant or a beginner that wishes to purchase and sell bitcoins for the first time, you came to the right place. This article will show you how to purchase bitcoins from various providers while giving you a list of purchase methods that you can use. Apart from exchanges, this tutorial will show you how to purchase bitcoins from the US anonymously, cheaply and, above all, safely. Bitcoin Payment Ways in the USA We have listed the most popular purchase methods that you can use to get BTC from exchanges in the USA: - ACH bank transfer; - online bank account; - credit/debit card purchase; - cash purchase; - PayPal. Bitcoin exchanges differ in methods they accept when it comes to buying BTC, thus a close investigation of each broker would be vital in your search for quality BTC seller. You should also use caution as many websites have proven to be a scam in the past, so trade only with those that have been established players in the market.

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