Image Assessment and Management

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The System has been built for field inspections/assessment which can be done either manually by field inspectors or by using drones or other IoT devices to take pictures and process the images for verification, validation and estimating the machines performance/properties/damages. The system uses predictive analysis/post analysis of this data based on the inspection details for estimating/predicting the cost involved

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RapidQube is a next generation, disruptive technology solutions provider helping organizations across industries in adapting to the digital shift and enabling them to better engage with customers through robust use of analytics and rapidly innovating product development with swift time-to-market thereby optimizing their total cost of ownership. We build solution on a distributed network using cryptographic techniques based on smart contracts to enable a trust-less platform emphasizing the immutability, transparency and Provence friendly features that are very much essential for a transaction among a network of business entities. And we bring in algorithms such as Proof Carrying Code, Zero Knowledge proof and consensus models for minimizing the risk of data exposure and faster transaction. Our solutions are evaluated by domain experts from industries and research scientist from academia.

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