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Hi! Am I speaking to (name of the customer) – Is he/she around? This is _______ with Farm Bureau Financial Services office. We will be visiting your area in a certain time and we would like to offer you A FREE QUOTE and updated rates on AUTO INSURANCE. I just need a couple of minutes of your time to gather brief information. Is now a good time? (We are offering FREE QUOTE to see if we can help you save some money and I only need 3 minutes of your time – would that be okay?) Great! May I know what kind of insurance do you have right now? Is it AutoInsurance? 1. May I know the (YEAR, MAKE, & MODEL) of you vehicle right now? 2. Do you get a full coverage, basic or liability? 3. Have you had any accidents, tickets or DUI’s in the past year and has your license ever been suspended? ( IF YES – What is month of incident and Who’s at fault, If Ticket what type of Ticket AND IF DUI, ASK IF LICENSE IS VALID) 4. And who are you currently insured with and how long have you been with them?

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