ARM and AVR Microconroller Programming

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#include "mainboard.h" #include "lpc17xx_can.h" #include "lpc17xx_gpio.h" #include "ETC.h" #include "timer.h" //#include "LED.h" #define VERSION 100 int SpinFlag=0; uint16_t relayTimer = 0; //============================================================================================ void RelayStatus() { if (relayTimer >= 1) { relayTimer--; setRelay(1); } else { setRelay(0); } } //============================================================================================ void setRelay(uint8_t state) { char i; static uint8_t flag = 0; if (state) FIO_SetValue(0, Relay_Switch); else FIO_ClearValue(0, Relay_Switch); } //============================================================================================ void Startup_Beep(void) { delay_ms(500); BeepON(); RGBLED_Set(RGB_CYAN); delay_ms(500); BeepOFF(); //RGBLED_Off(); } //==================

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