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montreal, canada
$27 USD / час
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Carlos F.


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$27 USD / час
montreal, canada
$27 USD / час
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How to Mesmerize Your Audience to Take Action

There's no doubt persuasive writing is necessary to mesmerize your audience to take action. The question is, what are those magical words we should use, and how would we use them? We need to go back to the beginning to understand what we're talking about here. So let's take a moment and look deeper into the word mesmerize and its origins. Franz Mesmer, a Viennese physician of the 18th century, proposed the idea of animal magnetism. He believed all humans possess an invisible magnetic force that binds and can be therapeutic. As the practice became more known, the practitioners of mesmerization were known as magnetizers. It was trendy for a while, and some of his famous friends who engaged in it included Mozart and Marie Antoinette. He was later discredited for the theory he developed. Many put down his successful results to the power of suggestion, which later developed into hypnosis. Okay. So what's that got to do with writing? It's not quite what Mesmer had in mind. Still, there's an invisible force running through our bodies. Our emotions are the invisible force that runs through every one of us. And guess what? People's actions are not based on words alone. Instead, their actions are based on emotions. You don't need magical words every time you write a persuasive copy unless you want to include Abracadabra, Hocus Pocus, or Alakazam! Essentially, it's all about appealing to the emotions of your target audience. What words are compelling to them? Indeed, it isn't about you or what you like. Good writing does not draw attention to itself. It simply resonates and connects with your audience. That's the mesmerizing magic of it all. Right there. Good writing is essential; it's all about appealing to the emotions of your target audience. Now In case you're asking yourself. No, I'm not a magnetizer, but I write like one. Many business owners I've helped wondered about my ability to mesmerize their target audience to take action. I put their minds at ease. I sent them samples of my writing for free. With my five years of experience in content writing, I can craft copy that speaks to your target audience and drives results. So get ready to unleash your business potential and make lots of money with a lasting relationship with me. You can even see samples of my writing for free - so why wait? Let me help you turn your ideas into reality! How: I bring your brand to life online by crafting beautiful and engaging web, blogs, email, and social media content. In addition, I provide strategic consistent online marketing and branding services that keep your brand on top of mind with your audience. Would you want a free sample? You can adapt to any situation when you're an expert at what you do. I want to think I'm an expert, so if you'd like to try me, message me and let's talk! Talk soon, Carlos P.S. I guarantee you'll love your results!
Freelancer Content Writers Canada

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Are you looking to outsource your blog writing? Look no further! I am an experienced copywriter who can quickly and efficiently create high-quality SEO-optimized content for you. I offer competitive rates and flexible payment terms, so you can get exactly what you need without breaking the bank. 

Plus, I am a subject-matter expert in most fields, so you can rest assured that your blog posts will be of the highest quality. I want to ensure that every post is perfect for your target audience. So invest in quality content today and watch your business grow!
Exploring the Role of Criminology & Psychological Profiling
Exploring the Role of Criminology & Psychological Profiling
Writing compelling website content can be one of the most challenging tasks for any website owner. With my help, you can make sure your page stands out from the competition and captures the essence of your business concisely and engagingly. I'm an experienced copywriter specializing in crafting high-quality content that resonates with audiences. Various publications have recognized my work for my ability to provide creative yet concise content. Try me right now and see the difference for yourself!

My favorite part of this project was coming up with content that resonated with the audience, which I enjoyed most. And if you need help crafting engaging content that resonates with your audience? Look no further! I'm an experienced copywriter dedicated to helping you create content that stands out from the crowd. Whether you're creating website content, blog posts, emails, or ads, we'll help ensure your content is tailored to your target audience, driving results for your business. So stop
Compelling Website Content and More
Deeply personal, relevant, and engaging emails are the best way to get subscribers to open your email. But it's tough to come up with the perfect subject line or opening sentence. So that's where I come in! I'll brainstorm, research, write, and edit your emails for you.

I am an email copywriter and digital marketing expert who will help you write a better email campaign. I ensure your emails reach your readers and entice them to reply. With over 100+ satisfied customers, you don't have to worry about other aspects of delivering your email because I do it all!

Great Email Writing
Great Email Writing
You're a small business owner. You want to rank higher in Google, but you don't have the expertise to write SEO-optimized blog posts. 

It's not just a concern for small businesses. Big brands like L'oreal, McDonald's, and Coca-Cola struggle to keep up with the competition. 

This is where I come in. I specialize in SEO-optimized blog posts for small businesses and big brands alike. I can create a blog post for you to help your business stay ahead of the competition. Try it out today!
SEO-Optimized Blog Posts
SEO-Optimized Blog Posts
"The higher your Google ranking, the more organic traffic you'll attract." That's a fact. But with over 200 billion searches every day, ranking high in the search results is becoming increasingly difficult. That's why it's crucial to focus on quality content.

Content is king when it comes to SEO. I write SEO-Optimized blog posts for my clients based on their niche. My blog posts are published on time and optimized for keywords, ensuring that your business ranks at the top of search engines. In addition, I guarantee results with a 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee.
SEO-Optimized Blog Posts
SEO-Optimized Blog Posts
Are you looking to generate traffic, leads, and revenue? My blog content writing service will help you grow your business and make money online by developing high-quality, SEO-optimized blog posts. 

I write high-quality blog content that generates high organic traffic, links, and inbound marketing leads. 

With over 7 years of experience in digital marketing and blogging, I have created a blog content service that is both reliable and affordable. 

As a writer, I have expertise in a wide range of different fields. I would be delighted to work with you and help you build your blog's authority by providing the high-quality content that your audience craves. To learn more, please message me!
Blog Content Writing Service
Blog Content Writing Service


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Показаны с 1 по 5 из 19 отзывов
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£50,00 GBP
I have to say that Carlos' way of writing matches the definition of what we all know as copywriting.
Article Rewriting Copywriting Proofreading SEO Technical Writing
Аватарка пользователя
Флаг Iani C. @cameniani
11 дней назад
$75,00 USD
It is a pleasure to work with Carlos. He is absolutely professional in his work, he has familiarized himself with a difficult subject in a very short time. We will work with Carlos again at any time
Blog Article Writing Article Rewriting Content Writing
+ еще 1
Флаг Juerg W. @perfectbizz
1 месяц назад
$25,00 USD
provided excellent content
Article Writing Content Writing Ghostwriting Technical Writing
Аватарка пользователя
Флаг Brandan H. @HajekHeating
2 месяца назад
$50,00 USD
Very talented, and hard working. 100% recommended!
Blog Article Writing Article Rewriting Content Writing
+ еще 1
Аватарка пользователя
Флаг Nisjet L. @plfirst
3 месяца назад
$375,00 USD
Creative, professional writer. Competent, perfect communication. Truly interested in topic he is writing about.Highly recommended.
Editing eBooks Photo Editing Presentations
+ еще 1
Флаг Juerg W. @perfectbizz
3 месяца назад

Опыт работы

Make Your Website the Talk of the Town

сент. 2015 - Настоящее время
While web content is not the most exciting thing to think about, it is the first thing many people see when coming to your business's website. If you want your business to thrive, you must have a web page with top-notch content. I provide professional website content for companies who need engaging, SEO-friendly content to drive more visitors, leads, and sales for your business. Contact me right now for more information!

Let the Right Words be Your Company

Get Fit Mil
окт. 2012 - Настоящее время
Content writing and copy editing are both extremely time-consuming and tedious tasks. However, most businesses don't have the time or expertise to do them correctly. As a result, they often have to pay someone else to do it for them or do a poor job of doing it themselves. My solution is this new platform that allows businesses to outsource these tasks to a Canadian expert (yours truly) and get great results at a fraction of the cost. To learn more, message me now!


Bachelor's degree in communications and marketing

Concordia University, Canada 1990 - 1993
(3 года)


Tell Better Stories. Change More Minds

As a content creator, I never stop. But when I do, it's a must-read. I believe in the power of storytelling and the importance of a brand voice. I help businesses and organizations grow their reach, influence, and impact through engaging content. Combining my love for storytelling and data-driven marketing, I help brands tell their stories and reach their goals. I've written for a lot of hip, cool, trendy brands. I'm now available for consulting gigs. —

Creative Writing Certificate

The term "creative writing" is often used to describe fiction. Events, characters, and sequences are all created by authors. Still, all writing is creative, since it is selected and written from the writer's perspective. In this form of writing, you can also present information, offer elaborate detailed explanations, or give instructions. Whatever definition we use, creative writing conveys information. However, creative writing doesn't aim to inform. The aim is to stir emotions in the audience.


Instagram Ads

I've been blogging since 2006 and have never looked back! I'm a writer, expert, and all-around connector in the digital marketing space. I've been published everywhere, including on Forbes, Huffington Post, and Fast Company. Let me help you get found on the web. I'll help you create a web presence or upgrade your current site. Contact me to discuss your next project!

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