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$15 USD / час
$15 USD / час
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Laurent D.


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$15 USD / час
$15 USD / час
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Social Media Manager

Self-taught geek raised in the digital era, I pursue since 2011 a career in Social Networks and Web/Gaming. After managing the social accounts of about a dozen brands in a web agency and being in charge of the full social media strategy of the Olympia concert hall in Paris, I’ve decided to come live in Scotland with my fiancée. I have co-founded a successful gaming website and work as a self-employed social media manager directly for french and UK based companies. You will find my main works in my portfolio. I did more of them, so I invite you to contact me !
Freelancer Social Networking Marketers France

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During 8 months, I managed the "touchy" strategy of the plan company XL Airways France on Facebook and Twitter. 

Their first wish was to have a proper management of their networks. I therefore started an editorial strategy, with the support of our intern graphic designer, to create adapted content. The challenge was to publish posts that meet security requirements of the plane company and was attractive enough for Facebook/Twitter users.

Their second goal was to manage bad comments and potential crisis subjects of the brand. A lot of users came on the company networks to ask either for help or, more frequently, to form a complaint. So I deployed a full customer relationship and crisis management strategy.

In the first month of the strategy deployment, the number of people interacting on the company networks raised significantly.
Manage a touchy brand on Facebook/Twitter - XL Airways
For two years at the Mediaventilo agency, I managed the full strategy of the AFM-Telethon on social networks (Facebook, Twitter) and blogs (Wordpress, Drupal). The goal of the non-profit organisation was to gather a maximum of visibility through the year, by relaying all the human projects deployed by all the members in France, until their Telethon at the end of the year. Then, during 30 hours, a social media event was organised in parallel of their TV show, with coverings of interviews, backstage photos published on the networks, and a special live tweet.

With the actions of me and my colleague at the AFM, the Telethon became a major event on social networks and, seeing the return on investment that could be made, the organisation decided to hire their own digital media manager.
Manage full Social Media Strategy - AFM Telethon
For a year and a half at the agency Mediaventilo, I managed the social media strategy of our most important client: Best Western France. I first created content for Facebook, Twitter and kept the networks living. Then, I started dealing directly with the client, giving them insights of the actions and optimisation ideas. I also traveled in their hotels to do videos interviews and attend special events (ex. Salon du Chocolat) that will be then relayed on social networks.

My actions for Best Western France modernised their digital image and doubled their return on investment. They also moved their idea of social networks from a place where they could get clients by making contents to an essential part of their media strategy.
Community Management - Best Western France
In 2012, the famous seller vente-privee expanded it's business to countries outside France (UK/ES/DE/IT). To prepare this expansion on social medias, I was asked to give their digital marketing managers a full training. During two days, this training included a view on the history of social networks, how they are classified and what are the most interesting/important ones, what is a social media strategy and how to deploy one, what is a community manager and what's his/her job, etc.

Done in english, this training gave them all the keys to create their communities, manage them and keep being creative.
Social Media Training - Vente-Privee FR/UK/ES/DE/IT
I realised two full year audits for several gaming Facebook pages for the development studio based in Lyon (France). These audits were in three parts:
- Give a full KPIs report for each Facebook page of the brand
- Compare all these pages KPIs and highlight the most effective strategies to try to adapt them to other pages
- Advise each community manager on how to improve their editorial strategy and give them guidelines
- Have a look at good practices in the gaming industry on social networks.

After these audits, the three EA community managers optimised their strategies and gained significantly more fans, therefore giving them more visibility, engagements and clics to their respective websites. Electronic Arts refused to give us a feedback on the return on investment
Full audit of gaming Facebook pages - Electronic Arts
During the last 6 months before the famous recording and publishing company was sold to UMG, I traveled to UK and Germany to give multiple audits on the Facebook Pages of the several artists/groups that they managed. These audits were done in three parts:
- Full report for each Facebook page: KPIs evolution and view on their community management
- Compare all pages to highlight their most effective artist
- Give optimisation advices based on each artist/group goal (visibility, acquisition, engagement, clics)

These audits were then given directly to the community managers and artists for each page, so they would improve their strategy. Some of them followed our advices and had a better understanding on how to manage their image on social networks.
Full audit of music artists' Facebook pages - EMI


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