Programming Color To Sound project using C# and VS 2014

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Programming \\\'color to sound\\\' project using C# and Visual Studio 2014 IDE. This is a software created for creative application where the software processes images acquired from a webcam, get the color composition for each image, and then generate sound/tone that represents each color.

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Hi, my name is Dito and I'm a Robotics PhD researcher based in the UK. My speciality is Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Embedded System, Software Development, and Automation Control. My skill sets: -Development of Embedded System based on Micro Controller, DSP's, FPGA's, ARM, PC (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP32, MSP432, STM32, ESP8266, ATXMEGA) for Monitoring System, Kiosk, IOT, Wearables, Machine Controller, Home Automation, Robotics, Drones, etc -Development of Software for Desktop Application based on Java, C, C++,Python , C#,.NET etc and Web Application based on ASP, PHP, etc complete with Database based on SQL Server/MySql. Software portofolio: Production Monitoring Software, Business Information System, Retail Software, Warehouse Management Software, Energy Monitoring Software, Reporting Software. -Development of an Integrated Automation System starting from Instrumentation, Distributed IO, Plant Level Control, Supervisory Control System, to Information System.

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