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When dealing with database, it should have a Database Management System (DBMS). In this project, DBMS is developed in the cloud. Once it is developed in the cloud, it can access in anywhere in the world and many users can access the database system at the same time. This database system has three main characters as Admin, User 1 and User 2. The role of each character given below. Admin - can control all the Authentication and Authorization of DBMS and all the programming part of DBMS User 1 - have the ability to add and update data into database and the ability of data retrieval User 2 - have the ability to retrieve data You can check sample of this DBMS using bellow link -

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My professional experience includes designing, data collecting, maintaining and updating GIS databases, converting complex data into information that is easily readable and accessible to the general public, creating highly accurate maps and developing database management systems(DBMS). Here are some highlights of my qualifications in experience: • Master’s degree in Geo-informatics at Post Graduate Institute of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya • Earned a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Technology and Management from University Of Peradeniya ...................................| Expertise in below Software |...................................... - ArcMap - AutoCAD - ArcGIS Pro - CorelDraw - Web App-builder for ArcGIS - Adobe Photoshop - Operational Dashboard For ArcGIS - Adobe illustrator - Survey123 for ArcGIS - Ms Excel - Q-GIS - Ms office

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