Facebook Automation Project in C#

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I need a bot which will be able to post comments on a specified PostID using Access Tokens.\nWhat it should be doing is:\n- Import a list of comments in the following format (DesiredFbPostID:Comment) and the comment should support including links (could use [http] and [https] to recognize the links.)\n- Import a list of access tokens in the following format (Proxy:Token) and EACH token should be used with the proxy placed in front of it.\n- Define the min and max delay between comments (seconds)

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SKILLS * Web Scraping - Scrapy, Mechanize, Selenium, Curl, Python, Java, Perl * Object Oriented Programming (Perl/Python/C#/VB/PHP) * Crawling , Data Mining, Data Extraction, Image Scraping * Automatic Form Submission I can collect any data from any website. CAPTCHAs, AJAX, Javascript or any other technology is no problem. I'm programmer with 15+ years of experience. Most of my work is done with Python's Scrapy framework but I know Perl, PHP, C#, Javascript, Visual Basic. Also I have experience working with MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MS SQL and Access. I have completed several hundreds of web and desktop automation projects (data scraping and processing).

$50 USD/ч.

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