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SEO analysis online tool.\nPerforms SEO analysis on html tags, meta tags, robots.txt, sitemaps, social media presence and it also performs yslow analysis.\nA tool like google webmasters tools. \nResults are being output as html but they can be saved as pdf reports.\nMakes usage of simple_html_dom class to parse html and phantomjs to execute javascript and to save screenshots and generate pdf reports.\nSaves traffic statistics and uses file caching for reports to improve time.\nCan be seen online at

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I am a full stack web developer from Romania, working as a freelancer since 2012. My favorite type of projects are the custom and innovative jobs that require thinking outside of the box. I developed a wide set of skills, from front and back end development to scripts automation and Linux server setup and maintenance. I can provide full services on any type of web projects, from website building, deployment on the hosting environment, maintenance, scripts automation, security audit and speed improvement. I like to work with employers who have realistic expectations and I love challenging jobs. I hate Wordpress and love Codeigniter and coding from scratch.

$20 USD/ч.

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