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kuala tungkal, indonesia
$15 USD / час
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Latifah Widya A.


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$15 USD / час
kuala tungkal, indonesia
$15 USD / час
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Teacher, Research, Data Entry, Retype Documents

I am a highly accomplished professional with a passion for education and a specialization in geography. With a Bachelor of Education from the University of Muhammadiyah Surakarta, I have developed a solid foundation in teaching methodologies and geographic information systems (GIS). In my current role as a Geography teacher at SMAN 16 Tanjung Jabung Barat, I have been successful in educating and inspiring students about the world around them. I employ various methods such as hands-on learning experiences, assessments, and collaborations to deepen students' understanding of geography. As a co-founder and Human Resource professional at Curaja Indonesia Company (CIC), I play a pivotal role in shaping the company's mission, vision, and strategy. I am responsible for making strategic decisions that contribute to the long-term success of the organization. In addition, I lead the recruitment and hiring process, develop and implement employee management policies and procedures, and oversee employee development and training. In my previous role as a Social Media Content Writer, I developed and executed content strategies for Instagram that aligned with the brand's marketing goals. I stayed up-to-date with industry trends and best practices, creating visually appealing content that engaged the target audience and drove business results. Beyond my professional endeavors, I am actively involved in leadership positions. As an Organizational Builder at PIK-R (Information Center and the Youth Counseling Center) Betara Kiri, I monitor and evaluate service performance, ensuring the effective delivery of high-quality family planning services and education. Additionally, I serve as a Student Council Advisor for the Intera School Student Organization (OSIS), providing guidance and support to student leaders in achieving organizational goals and developing their leadership skills. My technical skills include expertise in GIS, Canva, and Wordpress, while my language proficiency extends to Arabic (beginner), English (advanced), Malay (intermediate), and Indonesian (fluent). I am driven by a genuine passion for education, geography, and making a positive impact in the lives of students and the community. With a strong educational background, valuable work experience, and diverse leadership roles, I am well-equipped to contribute effectively to any educational or geographically-oriented initiative. Feel free to reach out to me for collaboration, opportunities, or to connect with like-minded professionals in the field.

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SMA N 16 Tanjung Jabung Barat
июл. 2020 - Настоящее время
Menjadi seorang pengajar di salah satu sekolah negeri dengan mata pelajaran geografi.


SMKA Slim River, Perak Tanjung Malim, Malaysia
июл. 2018 - авг. 2018 (1 месяц, 1 день)
Melakukan pertukaran mengajar yang merupakan salah satu kerja sama kampus dengan Universitas Sultan Idris Malaysia,. Kegiatan ini berlangsung selama satu bulan dengan mengajarkan sesuai jurusan yang diambil.



Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, Indonesia 2015 - 2019
(4 года)


Social Media Officer

Cureaja Indonesia Company
Menjadi pembuat konten, conten writer di start-up industri berbasis kesehatan dan sekarang telah mendapat pendanaan Rp 100.000.000 dari pemerintah dan kerjasama kampus universitas sebelas Maret

Pembuatan Peta Digital Menggunakan Arc.Map

Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta
Melalui kualifikasi pembuatan peta dengan standar nasional, selama 17 jam pembuatan peta digital.


Analisis Fasilitas Kesehatan Terdekat Sebagai Shelter Medis Bencana Banjir

Universitas Muhammadiya Surakarta
Disaster mitigation must be accomplished by determining the accessibility of road network development to accelerate movement to medical treatment locations, thereby reducing the number of casualties in the event of a flood disaster. The network analyst-closest facility method produced one Karangwaru Clinic and two puskesmas, namely a plupuh clinic and two plupuh health centers.

Tingkat Pengetahuan Parameter Mobilisasi Sumberdaya Terhadap Bencana Banjir, Tanah Longsor

Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta Fakultas Geografi
The results of the analysis of the Resource Mobilization (RMC) indicator based on the three disasters that have an average value of flood disaster is 36.33, followed by the average value of earthquake disasters that is 36.30, while for landslides with an average value of 36.35 . The overall level of community knowledge on the parameters of resource mobilization in the three disasters is included in the "LOW" category.

Conservation Of Umbul (Water Spring) Management With A Local Cultural Approach In Vulkan

Universitas Andalas (UNAND)
Groundwater conservation in the slopes of Merapi, Klaten district, sustainable management by carrying out a conservation approach with wayang art culture because the approach is intended to provide education by making use of the media that is loved by local communities.

Optimalisasi pembelajaran hidrosfer dan dampakya Terhadap peserta didik

Prosiding Seminar Nasional Geografi UMS IX 2018
According to the findings of this study, optimizing hydrosphere learning will have a positive impact on the region. The Tinalah River's flow and can create an appropriate land-use system, resulting in sustainable development and community welfare. Examine it.

Pengembangan Bahan Ajar Sebagai Dasar Pengetahuan Bencana Pada Materi Pendekatan Geografi

Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta
The aims of this research are to know: (1) the criteria for developing teaching materials in the form of books on geography approach as a disaster knowledge base (2) the effectiveness of material learning geography approaches to learners in SMA N 2 Sukoharjo. This type of research is a research and development (R & D) that adopts Borg and Gall models that have been modified in Sugiyono

Dampak Kegiatan Penambangan Pasir Sungai Gembong Terhadap Kondisi Sosial Ekonomi Masyarakat Desa

Prosiding Seminar Nasional FKIP Universitas Tidar 2019
The goal of this research is to explain the availability of sand material and the impact of sand mining on the social and economic conditions of the Sambirejo Village community. The qualitative descriptive research method is used in this study. The technique of identifying informants through purposive sampling and data collection through observation, interviews, and documentation.

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