Quanto.ga: Trading system written in Clojure

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The Quanto.ga software is a rich, multi-threaded backtest engine; a simulation environment for trading ideas and models executing on continuous, high-resolution time series data. Can handle 100's of GB of historical market data. Independent solo project: www.Quanto.ga

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Hi, Among other things I can help with: * Clojure (Oracle Java platform or the lighter OpenJ9) * Databases, PostgreSQL * JavaScript, HTML5 * Linux (since 1998!) * Web (simple design) * I can lead a team if needed; good communication skills * Common Lisp, SBCL * Nginx, TLS/SSL, optimization, HTTP2, REST, WebSockets, WebRTC * Git, SSH, JSON, various APIs, etc. * FFmpeg, Opus (audio), VP9, H265: video and audio codecs; compression and streaming * Statistics, statistical, finance I can also deal with PHP (only supported versions 7.x+) and other technologies and languages that aren't my main focus areas listed above. I network with people skilled in other areas (graphics design++). "If you don’t produce, you won’t thrive—no matter how skilled or talented you are." ― Cal Newport, `Deep Work`

$20 USD/ч.

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