PIC Microcontroller to measure and display a relative liquid

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Requirements: 1.) Develop turn key software solution that can be programmed to device with PicKit programmer. PIC Micro PIC16F886T-I/SO 2.) Develop software to read and clean sensor AD output. This is done by running CCP2 at 50% duty cycle (500ns on/500ns off). This drives the sensor element to create the returning sensor analog voltage. This PWM should run always. The sensor level reading is AN0 (Sensor output) MINUS AN1 (Noise offset). These readings should be averaged and outliers removed to make a stable reading (Programmers choice of how to best do this). The update rate for the outputs (Details below) should be around 2 times per second. 3.) Develop calibration software. The sensor element can be customized by the user to allow for different depth measurement. For example, a user could measure 1-2 feet while another user might measure 10 feet. Calibration is done when the sensor element is dry and again when fully submerged. The user will press and hold the calibrate

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