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A project to control multiple doors. The number of door varies from 3-30. I intent to use one UNO for each door in a One master and Multiple slaves arrangement, signal is loop via one wire. On each door, there are: 1) Three LED light. to indicate \"RED\" for not allow to open\", \"Green\" for allow to open\" and \"Yellow\" for fault\' 2) Logic for the light is: when all the doors are close, the green light on, when one of the door is open, the red light on, and if the door is open for longer than a preset time (say 10 sec), the yellow light on. 3) each door will have one Limit switch to detect the door status (close or open).\"ON\" means close and \"OFF\" means open. 4) each door will have one push button. push button when activated, will de-energized a relay for a preset time (say 6 sec) to open the door. and relay will re-energized automatically after a preset time (say 6 sec). 4a) In an initial stage, all doors are c

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