Annuaire GICAT 2012

от synl0rd

This website consist of 4 pages : Login page (read username / password from google docs spreadsheet) First page (a form with multiple text box and an upload of logo) Second page (a form with multiple text and upload an xls file to quickly fill information) Third page ( a form with multiple text and upload photos), all system built in Google App Engine

image of username synl0rd Flag of Indonesia Bandung, Indonesia

Обо мне

I'am Hadi Wijaya Utama, freelance software developer from Indonesia with an special interest on free software, GNU/Linux and Python programming language. more than 6 years of experience working on Network Application Develops (pcapy, spynner, twisted & scapy), Distributed Messages/Tasks Processing (AMQP & RabbitMQ), Web Development (Django, Pyramid, Tornado, Zope & Google App Engine). Restful service (API) builds, Cloud SaaS specialist.

$20 USD/ч.

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