Market Basket Analysis: Shiny App

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This Warehouse Dashboard application implements Market Basket Analysis to mine the relationship between different products. It uses 'arules' package for getting rules and 'flexdashboard' package for Shiny. The app tries to read the file '' with 'data.csv' inside, if it exists in the working directory. Alternatevely, you may choose a local CSV-file that contains the columns: 'Date' (as yyyy-mm-dd), 'OrderID', 'ProductID', 'CustomerID', and 'Qty.Logged'.

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Coherent professional with a problem-solving mentality accompanied by many years of researching and teaching experience in Ukrainian universities. With superior quality in data modeling and simulation, I am confident my work will exceed expectations. Specializing in: - Projects pertaining to Statistical/Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Mathematics, and Physics. - Consulting Businesses through Financial/Inventory/Customer Data Analysis and Forecast. Skills that pertain to this project are the following: - Excellent Communicator - Problem-solver - Attention to detail - Analytical Thinker Analysis Skills: - Multivariate Statistical Analysis - Regression Analysis - Factor Analysis & Sensitivity Analysis - Bayesian Analysis - Monte Carlo Analysis - Experimental Designs - Time Series Analysis - Forecasting - Statistical Quality Control - Spatial Data Analysis - Structural Equation Modeling. Program Proficiency: - R programming - Rapidminer - Matlab - Python - Microsoft Excel. I do not outsource my work; I am a one-man team. Mostly available from 9:00 to 19:00 GMT+2

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