RayTracer in C++/Qt

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Simple raytracer. It can draw quadrics and polygonal models, do basic constructive solid geometry operations on the objects (union, intersection, difference and clipping by a plane), supports adaptive supersampling, recursion, reflection, refraction, soft shadows and blurry reflections and refractions through the use of distributed raytracing. It has a simple GUI which can be used to create or modify a simple scene which can consist of a number of lights, materials and objects. Scenes can be saved to files and then loaded back into the program. The camera can be freely moved in the scene by keyboard and mouse from a first person view, subsampling during movement allows for smooth movement through the scene.

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Hi, I have over 10 years of experience in computer programming, mainly in the C, C++ and C# languages. I can write programs for Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android. My main areas of expertise: - object oriented programming - algorithms and data structures - 2D and 3D computer graphics programming (OpenGL, GLSL, SDL, Ray Tracing) - creating simple computer games - image processing (OpenCV) and multimedia applications - creating applications with graphical user interfaces (Microsoft Visual Studio, Qt) - web automation (Selenium) - HTML + CSS + JavaScript - theoretical computer science and math I also have a good knowledge of the English language and can translate texts from English to Czech or vice versa.

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