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FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT PNL,BS,CASHFLOW STATEMENTS stock prices quarterly return Semi annual returns Annual return monthly varience standard deviation quartely deviation accual deviation CV martek prices annual return, s.d business Model Strategic Planning perception beta PIB rate CAPM=Rr=Rf+b(Rm-Rf) Portfolio Variance = w2A*σ2(RA) + w2B*σ2(RB) + 2*(wA)*(wB)*Cov(RA, RB) return risk market value of common equity=( multiplying stock price by no. of share outstanding) market value of debt weight of common equity in the capital structure cost of common equity roe=net income/shareholders equity g=ROE*(1-payout ratio) Tax at applicable rate of 32% (2014: 33%) WACC FCFF, FCFE AND RI dividends per share ROE = profit margin X asset turnover X Financial Leverage (Equity Multiplier) ROE is a function of asset turn over Return on common equity is a function of Net Profit margin Return on common equity is a function of Financial Leverage machine and a lot more

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BS Accounting and Finance Chartered Accountancy Level I - 10 years into Accounting, Economics and Finance - Financial Modelling - Assignments of Finance and Accounting - Preparation and Analysis of Financial Statements (IFRS) - Application of international financial reporting standards - Cost and management accounting - Risk analysis - Budgeting - Portfolio management - Forecasting - Formula derivation - RIsk management - Valuation - Discounted Cash flow model - Monte Carlo Simulation - Calculation of Beta via Regression Method - Corporate Finance - Financial Management - Derivatives - Financial Econometrics - Auditing -Assignments of Economics -Tutoring services of basic English and mathematics -Excel VBA -PDF editing -delete pages, edit pages, rearrange pages -pdf conversion to word or excel or text -transcription (English only)

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